KVC’s (Keshap Vocational College) aim is to propagate a socially useful work which impacts and improves the lives of the masses. Our aim is to work in the skill space as a training institution. Millions of Indians still live Below the Poverty Line (BPL) and face a number of issues related to health, education and employment. Providing meaningful employment and livelihood opportunities to youth is an absolute necessity to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth, given the favorable demographics. Our model is based on addressing the needs of the industry and is therefore focused on making students, work ready. We ensure the Creation of a vibrant mix of sponsored and trainee/employer paid programmes with a singular objective of matching youth to jobs or self-employment opportunities today, with updated training methodologies and effective course modules. In addition, we have our regional offices in all states of India and our headquarters in New Delhi. Furthermore, we assure the upgradation of our training facilities according to the global trends being set on, as and when required. We aim to reach out not only to the urban, suburban areas but also to the rural, underdeveloped and hilly areas which are often tough to be reached out to. Our scope of operation is not only restricted to India but it extends to other countries too. Hence, we aspire to emerge as and to setup a “not for profit” social enterprise.


The objectives of Organization are:

  • • To Evolve and position itself as a world class progressive, cost effective and industry friendly Training & Placement organization
  • • To Bridge the Gap between employer & employee.
  • • To Customize solutions to Industry.
  • • To work for the Welfare of the OBC / SC / ST and BPL & aged and especially disabled persons.
  • • Establishment and Running of Educational Institutions in rural areas, exclusively for women and children.
  • • Establishment and running of institutions for Vocational Education and training in rural areas or towns
  • • Implementation of various program for welfare of Physically & Mentally handicapped children.
  • • To provide Education to poor Women/Girls through different types of Courses.
  • • To organize various vocational training courses for youth.
  • • To organize various Awareness Generation / Legal Awareness / Counselling / Career Guidance Programmes for Women / Girls
  • • To work for maintenance and conservation of environment.
  • • To organize various Programmes for proper health & sanitation.


Skill Landscape:

The last decade witnessed the Indian economy facing 4 key challenges:
1. Challenge to sustain economic growth.
The economy was growing at 8% , hungry for skilled manpower
2. Inclusive growth challenge.
Fruits of economic growth were bypassing large segments of population
3. Demographic challenge.
Population bulge with high % in working age group (18 to 35yr)
4. Employability challenge of educated.
Low number of: “Ready to Deploy” educated youth